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           "...Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"

1 Peter 3:15

I am still working on this page. The main purpose of this page is to give you an overview of the Da Vinci code issues and link you to articles written by people who are knowledgeable on the subject.  Many of the words are quotes from the articles that I have links to.  Please click on the pictures to go to great articles.

""The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in men who are truthful"

Proverbs 12:22

The Da Vinci Code



Da Vinci Code

?The Truth is our friend?

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The Da Vinci code came out in 2003 and has been on the New York Times Best Seller list ever since. This book has become one of the greatest Phenomena of our times. In addition to being a well written book a big part of its appeal is that there is, allegedly, some secret knowledge of Christ that has  been revealed. 

We live in a time when, as a society, we venerate the analytic, scientific truth.  Are the "facts" used to write this piece of fiction about Jesus and Mary Magdalene accurate?  If not, where did these ideas come from.  How us this information going to affect your faith and your eternal destiny?

I would like to go through some of the important issues of the book and help you understand what is error and what is the truth. In addition, I will give you links to articles that may help you further understand. I encourage you to take the time to be informed. Your eternal future and the eternal future of the people that you speak with are at stake. Hopefully, in the process you will deepen your knowledge and your understanding of who Jesus really was.

Da Vinci Code Truth

Josh Mcdowell

A group called Outreach and Biblical Scholar Josh Mcdowell have gotten together to produce a guide to the Davinci Code movie.  I have always been a great fan of Josh Mcdowell. He was an athiest who set out to once and for all prove that Christianity was based on foolishness.  After working on his doctorate and studying the fact he became a believer and one of the great men of our time.  Click the image to read this guide.  It is well worth the time.

The Davinci Code


The gnostics were a small sect that started in the first century.  They believed that Jesus was God but had trouble believing that he could have come in the flesh being too spiritual.  The Da Vinci code portrays these gnostics without telling how much they believed that Jesus was God.  One of the gnostic gospels infers that Jesus married Mary Magdalen and had a child.  Even though no serious Bible scholar believes that this is true, even if it was, it would not affect our faith.  In fact, it would simply emphasize that Jesus was fully God and fully man.

Da Vinci Code
Chris Carpenter

Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene?

Gospel of Philip a Coptic gospel One person in the book says that the Aramaic word for companion could be spouse. Since the Gospel of Philip is a Coptic [Egyptian] book it was not written in Aramaic or Greek but in Egyptian so, again, NOT TRUE.

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Pierre Plantard
Pierre Plantard

Priory of Sion

"Priory of Sion is a modern group that was founded by a con man in France. Now that’s the truth, the real truth, the ironclad truth. You can see this guy, he deposited false and forged documents in French libraries, supposedly tracing what he invented and put together in the 1960’s, all the way back to the third and fourth centuries. It is this very bizarre idea that there is this ancient society that has preserved the truth about Jesus Christ – that truth being that he was married to Mary Magdalene."

Richard Abanes,

Historically  False

Or when Brown says that at the Council of Nicea, the Vatican consolidated its power, most people are unaware that the Vatican didn't even exist in A.D. 325. The book also implys that Constantine commissioned and financed a new Bible in 325 A.D. that omitted certain books of the Bible that described Christ’s human traits. Furthermore, this patriarchal group supposedly embellished the existing Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) to make him appear more “god-like”. In doing so, the the role of woman was suppressed in society.