Apostle Paul
Apostle Paul

"My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power."
I Corinthians 2:4,5

Seeing the miracle working power of God is a part of a normal Christian lifestyle.  If you have had  a miracle please send me the details so that I can share them with everyone! 


Blurry Eyes

Thank you so much Pastor Eric for last night!!  We so enjoyed being with you and your church, what a blessing.   My blurry eyes were healed, and the prophetic words spoken to all three of us were right on, very encouraging words that gave us wings to drive back to Sacramento and Reno on! WOW!!  

Lynn Salmoria
Lynn Salmoria
Growth & Scar Disappear

I was watching the Outpouring in Lakeland on Saturday May 17th, 2008 when I got a call that our own Lynn Salmoria who was in the testimony line because a growth on her back was healed as she watched the Outpouring on her computer.  About June 7th Lynn received a phone call of a testimony of a woman whose scars disappeared.  Lynn felt that her own scar was gone and ran into the bathroom to check.  She found that her large scar from several cancer operations had disappeared completely.  Her daughter was stunned when she saw the scar was gone.

Rick McKinney
Rick McKinney

Back Pain Healed

Every afternoon during the Outpouring we turn my living room into an "overflow" room.   Today my good friends Pastor Rick & Pastor Teresa McKinney came over from Silver Springs to get whacked.  After watching for a couple of hours the Holy Spirit hit Rick and he asked me to pray for him.  He instantly went down and the power of God healed him of years of chronic back pain.  He is pain free now!  Glory to God!

 "This will bring health to your body
       and nourishment to your bones."
Proverbs 3:8

Steve Brady
Steve Brady
Instant Healing

In 2007 Steve Brady suffered an accident that left his head pounding for about a week.  Steve came to services at River Rock where we prayed for him.  He testified last week that when we prayed the pain was instantly gone and did not return!

"Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you.'"
Luke 10:9

Cody Olson
Cody Olson
"Don't worry dad, God's got my back!"

Cody's Miracle!

Sunday afternoon Cody was hiking with a group of family members near Bullards Bar Reservoir when he fell off of a 40 foot cliff landing in the lake.  He couldn't see because his head had been laserated so many times that he was covered in blood.  When they finally got him to Pastor Jonny, Cody's dad, Jonny asked Cody about the accident.  Pastor Jonny said that at that point all he could see was two blue eyes and blood.  Cody looked up at him and said "Don't worry dad, God's got my back! 

Later at the hospital, Cody got about 15 staples and many stitches along with 2 MRIs.  The doctor said it was a miracle how Cody survived without more serious injury!

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.
2 Thessalonians 3:3

Sandy Moniz
Sandy Moniz

"Face First off a ladder"

Sandy was working on a ladder about eight feet off the ground when she lost her balance falling face first on the ground.  The first day she had some pretty serious bruising on her face but by the third day all bruises and signs of the fall were completely gone! 

"How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings."
Psalm 36:7

Anna Bowers
Anna Bowers

On Thursday, August 16 at about 10:00pm I was on my way to my best friendís house after youth group when I tried to whip a U turn for a monster at the 7-11 and the lady behind me in a SUV T-boned me at no less than 55 mph.  I was hit so hard that I donít remember any of what happened that night and I came out with a fully fractured clavicle, a torn eardrum, a fractured skull, and I bit my tongue in half.  Every person who has seen my car has confidently assumed that nobody survived that accident.  My injuries were to the extremity of not being able to move my left arm more than two inches my tongue was red and very swollen and my left ear was very foggy and I couldnít yawn without my skull popping and causing me extreme pain.  By the strength of God and high amounts of vicodin, I managed to go into work that next Wednesday and was prayed over by my co-worker/fellow church member.  At first there wasnít any change in my feelings but as the day went on my arm became wrestles and sore while in the sling and when I took it out it felt perfect and by the end of the night I could move my arm in a full 360 degrees and do everything without any pain or limits.  The next day my tongue was completely back to normal with a slight scar and my ear was completely cleared up.  I am still waiting for my skull to heal but that horrible car accident was truly a blessing in disguise.  Not only did I realize how thankful I am to be alive but I became more thankful for the people around me and those people became more thankful for my life.
Anna Bowers

Miracle Truckee River Rock
J.J. Moniz
J.J.'s Miracle Healing

On Thursday evening when we went over to the Glenny's for prayer, J.J. was accidentally bit on his right eye
area by their dog. Janet is an E.R. nurse, she checked him out and said he would need stitches. She said that because it was by his eye they would more than likely put him under to be able to stitch it closed. I saw
the wound and it looked like a gash right at his lash line extending about and inch or more out. It looked bad in my opinion.I was mad, but mad at Satan for this
attack on my child and on Janet. I knew I just had to
rebuke satan and his plans. Everyone at prayer prayed
over J.J.I beleive Tanya also rebuked the enemy for
trying to cause division. Then we took him to the
Tahoe Forest to be stitched up. When the doctor saw
J.J. the wound looked to me like a scratch at that
point and the doctor said it didn't need stitches. I
would need to keep it clean and put neosporin on it.
This went from a gash to what they called it on
our hospital paper work, "a scrape"!! We serve an
awesome God and the devices of the enemy will not
prosper against us!Praise God!

Lynn Salmoria
Lynn Salmoria

Practicing the Prophetic
By Pastor Eric

One night when we were training our first prophetic team members in "the word of knowledge" in the fall of 2006 the Lord showed me that there was a problem with someone's leg between the muscle and the bone.  Because I did not know what this could be I was a bit concerned about sharing this word of knowledge.  However, I did and when I did so Lynn Salmoria raised her hand and said that she had nerve problems in her leg which were so discomforting that she had not had a full nights sleep in a  long time.  Her doctor told her that the nerves were between muscle and bone.  We gathered around her to pray and she said that she felt better.  During the following weeks she reported that she no longer had any problems with the leg.  In an e-mail she wrote:
"Oh by the way I had no nerve pain in my right leg last night or today. I slept like a baby."

Tsunami Miracle Tonga Prophetic
Prophetic Drawing

Tsunami Miracle

We were at Bill Johnson's Church in Redding for a pastor's advance on the morning of Wednesday May 3rd 2006.   On Monday May 1st a prophetic artist had painted the picture that you see on your left of a large wave coming up against a stone wall.  On Wednesday morning Bill got a call from missionaries in Fijii that there was a large earthquake in the neighboring islands of Tonga and that a tsunami alert had been issued.  Due to the large size of the earthquake a large tsunami was possilbe.  Everyone was singing a worship song that included the verse "speak to the waves..".  Everyone stopped, prayed, and "spoke to the wave."  Ten minutes later they got a call that the wave was only two feet high when it hit doing no damage at all.  Pastor Bill then noticed that one of the prophetic artists had painted the picture that you see on the left two days prior!

Fiji Tsunami

Tsunami Follow Up December 7th 2006

Hi Pastor Eric
I was just on your church website and noticed that you have the fiji-tsunami pix up.
We were the team (potter's house about 50 people)that was in FIJI!!while the eartquake happend in Tonga..

I remeber a few of us had dreams and were unable to sleep all night .

For myself I was up most of the night having visions of water coming over the ocean and all I can do was pray but did not know what was going on.

God is so good to us.. Thanks for signing and praying !!