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Pastor Eric Moen Mount of Olives
Pastor Eric Mount of Olives
Holy Land Tour

Holy Land Tour Reno NV
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Coral Tours
Coral Tours

In 2008 I went to Israel with Coral tours, which is owned by retired Israeli Defense Force Colonel Shalom Almog.  Shalom has such a heart to bring people to Israel.  He is passionate about what he does and brings decades of experience to each tour.  Even though each tour has it's own experienced guide to teach us about each site, Shalom also spent a few days with us to enrich our experience. You can check out the company further at their web site: 

Pastor Eric Moen Capernaum

The most powerful, life changing event of my Christian life has been my 2008 trip to the Holy Land.  To walk in the footsteps of Jesus will change you forever.  Let me invite you to join us this year to make that journey.  We will sail on the Sea of Galilee in a wooden  boat, we will go to Capernaum where Jesus spent time, we will stand in the empty tomb, and we will walk into Jerusalem and walk on Mount Zion.  You will never be the same again.

Ronnie Winters Guide Holy Land Isreal
Pastor Eric & Guide Ronnie Winters on Mount Zion

After leaving Reno our flight will land in Tel Aviv.   We will board a motorcoach which will drive us everywhere we go for eight life changing days.  We will stay in wonderful hotels and eat amazing food.  The quality of the food was a very pleasant surprise to me. The Isrealis have definately made the desert bloom.  A professional, experienced guide will make the trip enriching and memorable.  This is why it's said that a week in Israel is like a year in Bible College.

Holy Land Tour Reno Truckee Tahoe
Class A Tour Bus

Each day we will visit a number of sites from the Jordan River to the Valley of Armageddon, to Jerusalem, to the Dead Sea.  We will walk on the Mount of Olives, stand on Mount Zion, and pick up stones where David slew Goliath.  At each stop we will have time to walk around, hear our guides's incredible wealth of knowledge about the site, and have time to just take it all in.  The cost of the trip includes airfare, bus transportation, the tour guide, and breakfast and dinner.  You pay for your own lunch and souvenirs.

River Rock Israel Holy Land Tour
Temple Mount at Night

If you are interested in coming please pick up a brochure at church or click the pdf link at the bottom of this page.  You can view the brochure and print it out if you want.  Once you decide to come simply fill out the reservation form which is in a pdf file available below, and send in your deposit check. If finances are an issue for you let me tell you that I have done quite a bit of international travel in the last ten years.  For each trip I had to pray in my finances.  I believe that God wants every believer to go to the Holy Land.  I encourage you to take a step of faith and make this trip a reality in your life.  I look forward to joining you in the Holy Land this year.

Caesarea Maritima
Caesarea Maritima Site of Herod's Palace

Please call me or e-mail me with any questions.  I want to do whatever I can to make this a trip of a lifetime for you.  You can go to the tabs across the top of the page to see more photos and read more about the trip that I took in 2008.  We will be going to all of these places on our 2012 trip.  Shalom!

Pastor Eric Moen


Holy of Holies
Near the Holy of Holies

A note on Pricing

As with all things in life you generally get what you pay for.  I have done my best to make sure that the price we are offering is fair.  The price is based upon a number of things including the type of hotel that we will stay at.  There is a wide choice in hotel quality.  There is the quality of the tour bus to consider.  I recently spoke with someone whose tour for ten days was in 15 passenger vans instead of class A motor coaches.  From what he told me it was not pleasant.  Other things to consider are the number of sites that you visit, the quality of the guide, the quality of the tour company and on and on.  It is my belief that we have put together an excellent tour with the kind of quality that most of us desire to have on "the trip of a lifetime."

"So the name of the LORD will be declared in Zion and his praise in Jerusalem"
Psalm 102:21

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Please note that I have not made a page for every day yet.  I am working on it.  There are many more destinations that we will go to.

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