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Philippine Ministry

Come join us on the adventure of a lifetime to the other side of the world.  When we arrive in the tropical country of the Philippines we are met by our team of  wonderful friends and co-laborers in the Lord who serve with us during our stay.  Not only do we generally see many thousands come to faith in Christ but we work with our mission team from Church Mutlitplicaton Coalition to follow the Great Commission of Matthew 28 by starting Bible studies and churches as we go.  Our Philippine team then follows up during the year to make sure they are growing in the Lord. 

In addition to nightly outdoor meetings in small villages attended by 500-800 people we visit schools, government officials, and orphanages.  Our mornings are spent in our beach side accommodations beginning with a one hour morning devotion and followed by a relaxing time on the beach.  You will get to know and make friends with our Philippine team members that can last a lifetime.  Don't miss out on this life changing trip.  If you have friends or pastors from other churches that would like to bring their own teams contact us for more information.

Philippine Missionary Trips
"multitudes were added" Acts 5:14

About twenty years ago my dear friend and father in the Lord, Powell Lemons, took over a small missionary endeavor started by his Father in Law in the Philippines.  Powell's vision was to reach every village (Baranguay) in the nation.  Since that time over one million people have accepted Jesus as their Saviour and hundreds of thousands have reported healings.  River Rock itself has seen over 30,000 saved, over 50 churches started along with hundreds of Bible studies.

Miracle of Missionary trips
Changed Forever By God

This is a story of God working in the miraculous.  Maybe the most miraculous part of the story is the incredible changes that happen in the lives of the Americans who come to the Philippines for a short term missions trip and are changed forever.  Whenever I ponder this I can never decide which is a greater miracle, the blind eye opened of the Filippino or the Spiritual eyes opened of the American.  Whichever is greater the real miracle is that they both happen on the same trip. 

Philippine Missions
Pastor Eric & kids

An Adventure

Going on a short term missionary trip with River Rock is an adventure of the body and the spirit.  You get to experience life in a third world country and learn how most of the people in the world live.  You come home with a new appreciation of what God has blessed you with. You also learn that the life that we have in America is not necessarily the best.  Most Americans work all year to be able to go to a tropical paradise like the Philippines for one week.  The Filipino lifestyle is warm, friendly, and relaxed. 

Spiritually, God is moving in ways rarely seen in America.  The Philippines is truly a land blessed with wonderful weather, incredible natural beauty and wonderful warm people.  

Truckee Mission Trips
Local Transportation

Feed The Children

In addition to going to the Philippines we have an ongoing program of feeding children natural food and spiritual food.  Our dear friends and team members Pastors Robinson and Delia feed and love about 100 children per week.  You can join with us in sponsoring our feeding program or give a partial of full scholarship to one of our missionaries by going to the following link.  You can give with a credit card, debit card or paypal.  Thank you for your generosity.

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Feed Philippine Children
The Children
Luzon Pastoral leaders
Pastoral Leaders in Luzon
A Cry from the Philippines

The photo of the men on the left is of pastoral leaders from our ministry partner Church Multiplication Coalition.  These men are on the Island of Luzon where over 50 million people live.  Many of these men have been promising the pastors that they lead that an American team will come to their village.  However, we have many more pastors waiting for a team than we have teams.  If you know a church or group that would like to send a team to make a big difference in the Philippines please contact pastors Eric or Wendi Moen

*We have fund raising assistance available to those who need it.

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