Patricia King  Lake Tahoe Reno
Patricia King

Prophetic Word for Tahoe and Region

by Pat Cocking (Patricia King), March 15, 2003

I pray for the Christians in this region, especially those in this room that You will

begin to lift us up, that we ascend up into heavenly heights.

Thereís a lifting power of the Lord being released into this region to give you a

new perspective. Thatís what is happening. Godís giving you new perspective

today. He is planting it in your hearts. Heís planting in your vision, new

perspective. Throne Room. Accept it by faith, say ďyes LordĒ. Thatís all Mary

did. Gabrielle came to Mary. God sent an angel, He didnít come Himself to her.

For some reason He chose to send an angel. The angel brought her the Word, he

said, ďMary, youíre going to conceive Christ. And she didnít quite know how that

was going to happen so she asked the angel...she didnít ask God, thatís interesting

isnít it. She just said to the angel, ďHowís that going to happenĒ. The angel

explained it to her, ďThe Holy Spiritís going to come upon you and Heís going to

overshadow you and your going to conceive that way. And all she had to do is say

yes, thatís all. She didnít have to do anymore, she just said yes. And the Lordís

saying, ďWill you say yes.Ē Heíll do the rest, just say yes. Let it be done unto to

me according to Your Word. And now from this day, get ready to grow in Throne

Room revelation. Mark this day, from this day on, youíre going to increase in the

revelation of the Throne Room of God and of your position with Him as of this

day. Amen

I want the group from Tahoe to come forward. The Carson people you can come

too, whoever is in that group. Oh, thereís a lot of you here, Oh my goodness.

Father, I pray for a consecration of your people in Lake Tahoe and in Carson, in

Jesus Name. Set them apart for what You are about to bring them into. Oh woow

Now as you are just enjoying Him, I am going to give you the Word of the Lord

for the region. I felt the Lord give me a word for you. Now I have never been in

your area and I donít know anything about it, but, is it higher in elevation?

Because I saw it like a mountain and thereís obviously water, I hope thereís

water...thereís a lake, Lake Tahoe. Well I saw water of the Lord come from Lake

Tahoe and it came down the mountain. And it came down the mountain and into

the valley. And it started watering the land around it. And I believe the Lord is

saying, there will be a move of God in your region. Thereís going to be a move of

His Spirit in your region. And that He is going to increase your level of

intercession. Thereís going to be strong gatherings of corporate intercession,


which will include believers from different places. They might even be like just

groups of intercessors. Iím not even talking about, necessarily just like, you know,

formal/official ministerial meetings or anything like that, I am talking about those

who are called by the Spirit to birth and to intercede. Thereís going to be a coming

together and your going to come from different churches. But the Lord is going to

mark you and Heís going to call you. And your going to begin to grieve over the

sins of the region. And your going to begin to take the bowl of the Blood of Jesus

and your going to remit the sins and your going to cleanse the region. And the

Lordís going to see a landing strip because Heís going to see His Blood and He is

going to come and He is going to visit.

Now the scripture that you can meditate on is chapters 1 and 2, the whole book of

Haggai is for your region. And it says that His house has been left desolate and He

says to go up the mountain and to get wood. The wood refers to, I believe in this

case, the work of the cross. The finished work of the cross, the covenant blessings.

Get WOOD AND REBUILD! And He said to Zerubbabel that He stirred up the

spirit of Zerubbabel. He stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel. And in the Living

Bible it says that the Lord gave them a desire to build. Heís going to give you a

desire and Heís going to give you a grace to build. Youíre going into a building


In chapter 2 verse 3, He says, ďwho is left among you who saw this Temple in itís

former glory and how do you see it now? Does it not seem to you now as

nothing?Ē And youíve been looking around you and youíve been saying, ďLord,

this looks like nothing. When are we going to see the moving of Your Spirit?

When are we going to see it? And the Lord says, ďTake courage, take courage,

Zerubbabel, take courage and work for I am with you, says the Lord of Hosts.Ē

The God of war is with you. And My Spirit is abiding in your midst, do not fear.

Once more, in a little while, Iím going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea

also and the dry land. And I will shake all the nations and they will come with the

wealth of all nations and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of Hosts.

The silver is MINE AND THE GOLD IS MINE! And thereís a mother vein thatís

going to be opened up in your region in the Spirit. The latter day of His House will

be greater than the former, says the Lord of Hosts, and in this place I will give

peace. And then He says, from this day on I will bless you. I am going to shake

the heavens and the earth, and I will overthrow the thrones of demonic kingdoms (I

added the word demonic) and destroy the power of the heathen. And I will

overthrow the chariots and their riders, and the horses and the riders will go down

everyone by the sword of another, and in that day I will make you a signet ring.

And the Lord says, the shaking is going to go on and some of that shaking is

going to influence this whole thing. Donít be surprised if the natural

economy of this whole region begins to crash like crazy. Cause, Godís

going to do something with the whole gaming thing, thatís coming down.

Itís going to fail and Godís going to do it. And do not say in your heart,

ďhow are we going to make financially?Ē Do not say that in your heart.

ďHow we will do it without this industry?Ē But begin to lay hold of the

resource of God in the Spirit and it will begin to manifest into your hands.

And thereís going to be a harvest, a huge harvest. But it needs to be birthed.

Itís going to have to be birthed. And the Lordís going to bring the birthers,

the wailers, the travailers. And thereís going to be revival in your region.

Itís going to come down out of the mountain into the valleys. And itís

going to fill, itís going to fill, itís going to fill. And your going to see the

miracle power of God begin to flow. Do not be in strife with one another.

Do not be in strife with one another. But come together and work. Come

together and work. AMEN

So Lord, I speak Your anointing over Your people here. Fresh oil. A horn o


fresh oil over Your believers in this region. Not just those who are here, but

all of them Lord. And Lord mark the intercessors who will come together

and birth and travail and usher in the King of Glory. Usher in the King of

Glory. Make the way straight. Prepare ye the way! This could be some

high praise. I see instruments coming together. High praise and prophetic,

lots of prophetic. Itís going to be declared from the mountain tops. Itís

going to be declared from the mountain tops. The shofars are going to blow.

Itís going to be a season of the blowing of the shofars. Theyíre just going to

come and youíre going to start hearing the angelic shofars as well. Theyíre

just going to start blowing in your midst, because God has a call, a rallying

together of His people for worship and for war. FOR WORSHIP AND FOR

WAR! FOR WORSHIP AND FOR WAR! And I see the blood flowing

and itís the Blood of the Lamb. Because there was bad blood shed over that

region. In the natural there has been bad blood shed. But the Blood of the

Lamb, the Blood of the Lamb is going to flow. The Blood of the Lamb.

The forgiving, powerful Blood of the Lamb. The redeeming Blood of the

Lamb is going to flow and soak the land.