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Oslo Norway Worship Anne Wilkens Robbie Wendi Moen
Anne Wilkens Robbie Moen Wendi Moen lead Worship in Oslo
Daniel Haddad Oslo Outpouring
The picture on the left is of Daniel Haddad and myself at the Oslo, Outpouring.  You can see Jesus in the back which was because the event took place in a Lutheran church in Oslo, Norway.  It was a really cool church with "open heavens" painted on the ceiling.  The event was put together by Daniel and others.
The outpouring was marked by a treasure hunt, prophetic words, and trancesand visions as well as healings.  The Lord started allowing me to anoint people for trances a few weeks ago and almost everyone came forward for the anointing.  Many powerful testimonies were given about what God did in these trances.  You can watch the short video on this page of Sunna who had her leg lengthened in a trance while I prayed for her.
"....he [Peter] fell into a trance; and he saw the sky opened up, and an object like a great sheet coming down...."
Acts 10:10a, 11b

Sunna Magnusdottir
Healing Testimony
Sunna came in with one leg shorter than the other.  She had a hard time walking, especially in high heals.  Her leg lengthened the night before this photo was taken but she wanted to test the healing by wearing high heals.  She came in the night of the photo with the testimony that she walked all day in high heels and felt fine.  Watch the video on this page for more.

Jesus heals Oslo Norway
Shoulder Healed
This man was healed in his shoulders.  He is in his 70's and has had one shoulder 3cm shorter than the other since he was in his 20's.  

Oslo Norway Church Service
Trances and Healings
The Oslo Outpourings were marked by many holding my hands and then going into trances and seeing Jesus and being healed.  We were all smiling and laughing as well.  The Joy of the Lord was upon us.
"...he [Peter] fell into a trance; and he saw the sky opened up...."
Acts 10b, 11b

Oslo ministry trance National Theater
Impromptu minstry in front of the National Theater
Impromtpu Ministry
The day after the Outpouring meetings Wendi and I ran into some people in front of the National Theater who had heard about the trances and wanted to hold my hands outside the Norwegian National Theater.  The heavens opened!

Norway National Theater Oslo Encounter God
Nathan Shakka Norris, the second man from the right, just messaged me the following testimony on Facebook.

Hi Eric, just wanted to write you a quick message to thank you & honour you. We were so blessed meeting you on the streets of Oslo outside the national theatre. Thank you so much for praying for us. It was like God completely set us up as we'd only been in Norway a couple of hours & were wondering what God had in store for us. Thank you.

After a couple of days in Oslo we travelled up to Levanger to the Encounter Festival. The morning before the festival began we were talking with friends about what happened when we met you. We decided to pass on what the Lord had imparted through you into us to the rest of our team. This resulted in the corridor outside our room being littered with bodies encountering Jesus!! Lots people who were arriving heard that there was a coridor where people were having Jesus encounters so came to join in.

We continued as the festival went releasing an impartation of the person of Jesus. Many were rocked by the encounters they had, including several people saying afterwards they had never gone down in the Spirit before this impartation was released.

On top of this the prophetic theme of the whole festival emerged to be the Bride being awakened to the Bridegroom.

I just wanted to encourage you both, thank you faithfully stewarding what God has given you & blessing us.

Look forward to meeting you again soon.

Massive Blessings


Trance Lavenger Norway
Levanger Norway
Encounter Festival Levanger Norway
Encounter Festival
Oslo Church Norway Ceiling Open Heavens revival
Lutheran church ceiling in Oslo had an "Open Heavens" ceiling
Open Heavens Ceiling
When laying down in the Lutheran church in Oslo where we held the Oslo Outpouring I noticed that the church ceiling was a painting of "Open Heavens."

Oslo Outpouring Norway Rainbow
A double Rainbow over Oslo Harbor shortly after our ministry
Oslo Outpouring