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Great Awakening Tongatt South Africa
Todd Bentley Lightning of God
"Lightning of God" Reno, NV 2010
Great Awakening South Africa Crowd
Friday night in Tongatt 5 9 13
Great Awakening
South Africa
Evangelist Todd Bentley
In 2008 God used a relatively unknown evangelist Todd Bentley to do a mighty move of the Spirit in a small town called Lakeland Florida that brought a refreshing of the Holy Spirit to the world via God tv.  That's the way God works.  He uses unknown people in hidden places to change the world.  I went down there in April of 2008 and came back with an anointing that started the Reno Outpouring when close to 1,000 people showed up to a meeting at John Ascuaga's Nugget with little advertising and no special speaker.
Last Sunday Todd Bentley sent me a message to be his special guest at the Great Awakening in Tongatt, South Africa.  Within 24 hours I had been given an airline ticket and money to go.  I left Tuesday morning.  When I got here I found friends Todd and Jessa Bentley as well as Keith Luker.  I made many new friends as well.  Todd spoke prophetically about what God wants to do in the Reno/Tahoe region.  On the last night Todd brought me up on the platform in front of people from 214 nations and spoke prophetically into our region and my life. 
Please take three minutes to watch the video above.
You can see the photo above of Todd being struck by lightning and watch the video next to it of Crystal testifying about how she was standing next to Todd when it happened.
Pastor Eric Moen
You can watch the Great Awakening on Diretv channel 365 or www.god.tv

Todd Bentley South Africa Great Awakening
Todd and I in the "green room"
Ears come open
I prayed for this woman named Rachel.  She reported to me that her ears got very warm and popped open for the first time in ten years.

Great Awakening ears healed
Great Awakening Todd Bentley Panorama
Panorama of Thursday crowd
Africa hotel room view
This is the view from the deck of my hotel room in Africa
Great Awakening South Africa
Photo from the crowd
Todd Bentley Eric Moen Great Awakening
Durbon Tongatt South Africa Awakening
Overflow Crowd Last Night Sunday May 12th for Mother's day
Great Awakening Durbon South Africa Crowd
flagging Fire Falls
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