Your Way

God's Way
Naaman Bathes 7 Times
As I spent some quiet time with the lord I was pondering some of the workings of this amazing third wave we are experiencing.  Last night, Wednesday May 14th, we had a service at Reno River Rock that may have been the best yet.  It seems like each meeting builds on the last one.  The glory of God fell before I could even finish my sentence asking for it to fall.  Words of knowledge flowed and healings followed.  There were manifestations of God's presence that were amazing.  As I sat with the Lord pondering these wonders the Lord spoke to me about Naaman.

You remember Naaman from 2 Kings 5.  He was the commander of the army of Aram and he had leprosy.  Naaman heard about a prophet in Samaria that could cure leprosy so off he went for his healing bearing financial gifts for the prophet.   When Naaman arrived in Samaria Elisha the prophet does not even  go out to meet him.  He sends a messenger to tell him to  wash yourself 7 times in the Jordan River.  At this point Naaman starts to lose it.  He had thought that the prophet would come out and pray over him and the leprosy would leave.  He complains that other rivers are better than the Jordan.  Essentially, Naaman refused to follow the prophets instructions.

Fortunately, for Naaman his servants talked a bit of sense into him and he went and washed in the river 7 times and was cleansed.  What happened in this story?   As humans we want to do things the way that makes sense to us.  We tend to say things like "if God wants to heal me he can do it the way I want Him to."  However, God's ways are higher than our ways.  He has deeper plans for us.  In this case God wanted Naaman to humble himself by doing it God's way and not Naaman's way.  I want to encourage each one of us to be sensitive to God's spirit and do things the way He wants to do.  The fact that God could do it our way is irrelevent.  If you want it your way, go to Burger King.